English Week 2023

In our school, we know the importance that English has in a globalized world. That is the reason why we celebrated the “English Week” by emphasizing all of our students’ skills based on this language.

This year we celebrated the “English Day”, during two days, in which we had activities such as:  a “Spelling Bee Contest”, a “Midday Show” in which we could enjoy different kind of performances, being the oral production the most important skill presented and finally we could see families singing in the first version of “The Voice La Fuente 2023.”

This event was carried out during two days. In the first one we could see the participation of the students in a “Spelling Bee Contest” in which 2 students per grade, from the 3rd grade to 12th grade, participated. The participants were:

Javiera Ambiado and Vicente Yañez 3rd grade.

Ema Schalcli and Esperanza Carrasco 4th grade.

Josefina Pino and Florencia Perez 5th grade.

Sofia Villanueva 6th grade.

Martin Baeza and Valentina Jara 7th.

Violeta Hoyos and Emilia Suarez 8th grade.

Valentina Jara and Laura Guajardo 9th grade

Florencia Pardo and Martina Nylund 10th grade.

Emilia Koeing and Romina Canaves 11th grade.

award day at school