Book Day “Comic con”

Last Friday was a special day for us, because we could enjoy the “Comic Con”. Its name, since we celebrated the Book Day.

In this event we could find six different stands located at the gym of the school; their names were:  Star Wars, Naruto, Batman, Back to the future, Spiderman and another based on Comics and Anime.

Students and teachers dressed a costume based on any comic. There were costumes based on: Avengers, Peter Pan, Animes, some princes from Disney, Harry Potter, Mario bros. We enjoyed different activities and we received some candies and gifts like stickers, pins, balloons, bookmarks, masks, chocolates and drawings. In each stand people received information about a comic or anime, they answered some questions and also they participated in a challenge when they had to create their own comic.

Here we have some student´s opinions.

“I liked it because it was a different day, we broke the routine.” Amaro Gonzales from 8th grade

“I love these days, my favorite stands were Spiderman and back to the future.” Daniel Suarez from 5th grade

“I liked because I could wear a Flash mask, I could take a picture with Chewbacca, I really enjoyed the day” Jose Perez from 7th grade.

“It was very funny because they gave me some candies and stickers; my favorite stand was Spiderman and back to the future” Bastian Saez from 8th grade.

“My costume was about Harley Queen, I really liked it, I could take some chocolates and stickers from each stand” Elisa Arroyo from 6th grade

“I liked Animes and comics stands, my costume was jack sparrow and I loved it” Cristian Espinoza from 7th grade

“This day was different from others days because we could go out the class and visited the comics stands and took candies and stickers” Matilda Roa from 7th grade

“It was so exciting because it showed us the most dangerous villains from batman comic, students came to the school with customs. I was a superwoman. I love superman stand”. Florencia Avello from 3rd grade.

“I loved stars war stand because I could take a picture with the characters, I wore a Spiderman costume, and I took some candies and drawings from each stand”.  Simón Obreque 4th grade.

“My favorite stand was Spiderman, I really enjoyed this day”. Agustin Sepulveda from 4th grade.

Written by Emilia Suarez from 8th grade .